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backup-manager 0.6.2 under sarge

The backup-manager package on sarge is quite old and most of features are missing (incremental tarball, mysql dump or repository purge for example). Hopefully, backports.org provides (one more time) the solution. backup-manager 0.6.2 is available in the sarge-backport.

As it was a “backup morning” for me, I’ve added a simple local-backup-manager to our logcheck configurations to make the night crons less verbose.

Install mod_cband on sarge

For several months on one of ours server, stupid guys run scripts which download larg files slowly to consume every apache process.

One of the solutions is using mod_cband to limit the connection count for a given ip on this virtual host. But the package isn’t available in Debian sarge. I found today that backports.org provides the sarge package.

The installation is very simple. Enable the module and add to your virtual host something like CBandRemoteSpeed 1024 3 3 (1Mb/s, 3 requests per second, 3 simultaneous connections per ip)

Take care to the default module configuration provided by the package. It enables the mod_cband status page (/cband-status) on the whole server …