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Check if selected date is correct with cucumber

The default web steps provided by cucumber provide a way to check the content of a text field : the "..." field should contain "...", but how to check if the date selected by default in a form is correct ?

To describe some of the features of the coming PigeBox web interface, we needed something like : the "..." datetime should contain "17:00:00".

Even if webrat doesn’t provide the builtin method to “read” a Rails datetime select, this piece of code adds the method selected_datetime to webrate scope.

With this small webrat extension, the following step becomes possible :

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Let’s Puppet

Puppet is a great tool to automatize your system administration tasks.

Many tutorials are available to make your first steps like the official Getting Started with a Simple Puppet Recipe or the (french) Puppet, Administration système centralisée.

But when your puppet configuration becomes a real project, it’s great to see how the other users organize and manage it.

Many users publish their modules like the David Schmitt’s puppet complete configuration or Lab42.

We’ll try to publish our “complete” puppet project because scripts, rake tasks and tests are an important part of a good puppet project.

This project doesn’t contain private information (passwords, certificates, …), these are managed by an unpublished module.

For the moment, the interesting part is the integration of external tools : rake tasks, cucumber tests, generate scripts or the capistrano deployment (to be published).

I’ll try to describe, in future posts, these current (and future) tools.