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Rivendell 1.7.0 packages for debian and ubuntu

Fred Gleason team released Rivendell 1.7.0 on monday, Debian and Ubuntu packages are now updated.

Please follow the quick start guide for your first Rivendell installation.

As usual, you can find on debian.tryphon.org :

  • Debian packages : for lenny, squeeze or unstable
  • Ubuntu packages : for hardy, jaunty and karmic
  • both i386 and amd64 packages

Rivendell 1.6.0 packages for debian and ubuntu (with karmic support)

The Rivendell development team released Rivendell 1.6.0 last thursday, Debian and Ubuntu packages are now updated.

For Ubuntu Karmic users, the distribution is now supported. Choose the right source on debian.tryphon.org.

Please follow the quick start guide for your first Rivendell installation.

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First “public” release for alsa-backup

For a long time, we’re using continuous recording tools to record our radio broadcasts. Many of these tools were homemade and alsa-backup is the latest project of this “serie” (after jack-backup and just-record).

alsa-backup can :

  • record several channels,
  • change record file according your naming policy (… without a blank),
  • run as daemon,
  • log into syslog,
  • stop record and retry after errors

And many other features are coming :) This piece of Ruby code is more flexible than just-record. It uses the awesome ruby-ffi library which allows to use C libraries with few lines of ruby code.

alsa-backup is available as debian/ubuntu packages on Tryphon’s debian repository. Source files are available in GitHub alsa-backup repository.

Use a M-Audio Delta 66 Rev E with alsa

I’ve installed this week a Rivendell station with a M-Audio Delta 66 Rev E sound card. As experienced in 2008, the alsa ice1712 driver can’t be loaded with (some ?) Delta 66 Rev E :

[   11.605252] invalid CS8427 signature 0x0: let me try again...
[   11.606638] unable to find CS8427 signature (expected 0x71, read 0x0),
[   11.606687]    initialization is not completed
[   11.606732] CS8427 initialization failed
[   11.606784] ACPI: PCI interrupt for device 0000:05:01.0 disabled
[   11.606790] ICE1712: probe of 0000:05:01.0 failed with error -14

Same problem occurs with alsa 1.0.17 on lenny or 1.0.18 on jaunty.

Several tips are available in forums … but the only way I found to use the card is to patch (again) the alsa driver to disable the cs8427 initialisation.

But this time, here are all the required resources to make your Delta 66 Rev E work with alsa :

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First steps to Rivendell … 5 years ago

1. First email

On 18 August 2004 (01:24 AM) my first mail to Fred Gleason, my first mail about Rivendell :

Hello Fred,

After your email last evening, I downloaded the Rivendell source files and started my tests.

I didn’t experience serious problems to compile libradio and rivendell tools. I can send you some of my notes about it (a bad version of gpio.h into libradio, etc ..). Rivendell was installed successfull yesterday evening (it was late). I configured mysql and continued the test this evening. Few small
problems, no serious ones. Some of the error messages don’t give enough information. But with the sources .. and strace, I found the solutions (/var/snd is harcoded into rdlibrary for instance .. and I believed it was read in to rd.conf. I can send you my notes.

The jack support seems to work fine .. but rdlibrary stays silenced and rdairplay crashs at start (I’ve got the gdb trace if you want). I suppose that I have a configuration problem with the internal card/port settings (audio port ?). I didn’t find into rdadmin menus to edit the audio ports (like the
website screenshot). I found related sources (something about matrixes, etc ..). What can be the solution ?

I noted that the sound formats are wav and mp3 .. we work with flac and ogg (but the music library is still mostly in mp3). I looked quickly the code about the audio format (RWaveFile, rdimport, etc ..). But I didn’t find a TODO or planned features in the web site. Do you think about a flac and ogg support ?

Rivendell seems to be a nice application. It’s a great work. What’s its story ? Did you find contributors since the license change ? I didn’t find details of the development activities (cvs repository, mailing-lists, etc ..).

Thanks so much for your work.

2. First sound

After 3 days, a first sound in Rivendell :

3. First debian package release

On 24 August 2004, the Rivendell debian package is created.

4. First live with Rivendell

On 8 September 2004, Rivendell is on air for 10 days :

@Fred: thanks ;)

Rivendell 1.5.1 packages for debian and ubuntu

Rivendell 1.5.1 has been released this week, Debian and Ubuntu packages have been updated this week-end.

The sox-12 package is no longer required and the access to /usr/share/rivendell has been fixed (a problem to read qt translation files for example).

Please follow the quick start guide for your first Rivendell installation.

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Debian packages for Phusion Passenger 2.2.4

The Debian packages for Phusion Passenger 2.2.4 are available on the debian tryphon repository. This time, I have been a little faster than John and his ubuntu packages.

But : these packages don’t include nginx support and the documentation is, for the moment, skipped.

librack-ruby1.8 under lenny seems very old (Mauro confirms the problem in his comment). I’m trying to backport a fresher release.