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Rivendell 1.5.1 packages for debian and ubuntu

Rivendell 1.5.1 has been released this week, Debian and Ubuntu packages have been updated this week-end.

The sox-12 package is no longer required and the access to /usr/share/rivendell has been fixed (a problem to read qt translation files for example).

Please follow the quick start guide for your first Rivendell installation.

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Sox and Jaunty for debian/ubuntu packages for Rivendell 1.4.0

Two news for Debian and Ubuntu Rivendell users :

A new release 1.4.0-2 of debian/ubuntu packages fixes a problem with Sox 14.2 in import and export. The old Sox 12 has been packaged and is used by import/export Rivendell scripts.

After a discussion on french rivendell irc channel (#rivendell-fr) with Ayoli and Raps, Rivendell packages are now available for Ubuntu Jaunty on debian.tryphon.org.

Update: as specified in comments, there are several problems to run Rivendell under Jaunty (Ubuntu or Kubuntu 9.04) . Try to use the previous release Intreprid (Ubuntu / Kubuntu 8.10).

For geeks, reports and tests under Jaunty are welcome on #rivendell and Rivendell mailing-list.