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Use a M-Audio Delta 66 Rev E with alsa

I’ve installed this week a Rivendell station with a M-Audio Delta 66 Rev E sound card. As experienced in 2008, the alsa ice1712 driver can’t be loaded with (some ?) Delta 66 Rev E :

[   11.605252] invalid CS8427 signature 0x0: let me try again...
[   11.606638] unable to find CS8427 signature (expected 0x71, read 0x0),
[   11.606687]    initialization is not completed
[   11.606732] CS8427 initialization failed
[   11.606784] ACPI: PCI interrupt for device 0000:05:01.0 disabled
[   11.606790] ICE1712: probe of 0000:05:01.0 failed with error -14

Same problem occurs with alsa 1.0.17 on lenny or 1.0.18 on jaunty.

Several tips are available in forums … but the only way I found to use the card is to patch (again) the alsa driver to disable the cs8427 initialisation.

But this time, here are all the required resources to make your Delta 66 Rev E work with alsa :

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Rivendell for ubuntu hardy and pre-compiled modules

I should try to make a post which doesn’t start by Rivendell … maybe the next time :-)

Ubuntu hardy :

As there are many ubuntu hardy users, I’ve added this platform to the debian build. gpio, hpklinux and rivendell binary packages can be easily installed by adding this source :

deb http://debian.tryphon.org hardy main contrib

Ubuntu packages should be improved in a “near future” to be more compliant to the distribution policies.

Pre-compiled modules packages

With gpio-source and hpklinux-source packages, you can create the modules for your kernel. It creates sometimes few surprises according to the kernel versions.

I added to the build debian process the compilation of the gpio and hpklinux modules. According to the selected distribution (stable, … or hardy, intrepid), you will find modules for 2.6.18, 2.6.24, 2.6.26 or 2.6.27, 686, amd64 or rt kernels.

It makes life easier for everybody : user installations and developer tests. module-assistant is great tool, but pre-compiled modules are sometimes useful.

For example, hpklinux doesn’t compile with intrepid 2.6.27 kernel. A patch is pending ;-)

M-Audio Delta 66 “REV E” in the house

We bought a M-Audio Delta 66 last year to complete our multi-track captation system. We’re working for a long time with M-Audio sound cards and especially with Delta 44 ones. So we were a bit surprised when we discovered that the M-Audio Delta 66 revision E wasn’t supported by the alsa project.

To retransmit in live the Amparanoia’s gig at Esperanzah! festival, we need a additional 4 tracks sound card. On sunday, the challenge was to configure our Delta 66.

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Today linux save my life

Nous sommes arrivé hier après-midi à Floreffe et l’installation de Radio Esperanzah! débute. Trois voitures pleines à craquer de matériel à décharger et à installer. La connexion internet est en place depuis quelques jours. On installe donc les serveurs et nos portables pour commencer à travailler.

Le serveur de fichiers tourne depuis à peine une heure quand ..

Message from syslogd@luna at Sat Jul 28 18:53:29 2007 ...
luna kernel: Critical temperature reached (73 C), shutting down.

Alerte générale, on s’agite, on ouvre le rack et là … sale odeur et grosse chaleur. Manifestement, c’est l’alimentation qui est en cause. Elle est bouillante. Il faut quelques minutes de patience avant de pouvoir la démonter.

Le diagnostic est rapide. C’est le ventilateur de l’alimentation qui n’est plus de ce monde :

La photo est prise après qu’on ait dû couper le câble du ventilateur …

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