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Import liferea OPML files

After several unsuccessful imports of the OPML file generated by Google Reader, I performed the same test with an OPML file created by Liferea. And it works fine.

If you have a very larg ‘feed collection’ … Be patient. You will have to check one by one the feeds to be imported. The good moment to choice which are the most important ;)

PS: MaemoWordPy 0.3 works fine :)

Python 2.5 not installable on Maemo 3.2007.10-7

Daniel Martín Yerga announces Maemo WordPy 0.3 … and no way to install python-2.5-runtime on my Nokia 800 :-( Since my .. forced upgrade .. to the last image (3.2007.10-7), I experienced few troubles with some packages. Python 2.5 runtime fails with dependencies on libglade2.0, libsdl-ttf and libgdm3 .. No python, no MaemoWordPy .. sadness ..

Update: I activated the RedPill mode this morning to install OpenSSH. I retried the python2.5-runtime installation this afternoon, the Application Manager has accepted the dependencies. Thanks to Daniel Martín Yerga for his mail. Maemo WordPy 0.3 is installed now :-)

Reading a PDF

My memory card (the default 128M provided by Nokia) is full of PDF files to be read during my vacations. Despite of the rain, Avignon charms kept me away from my Nokia 800 :)

But now, I’m into a duplex TGV and I’ve opened “Agile Web Development with Rails” in the PDF reader. I’m make my best to keep on my read of this good book about Rails framework.

So few remarks on the Osso PDF viewer. The application is fast enought. Big images make live hard to the ARM processor but the Osso developers are smart and they insert a “disable images” button in the right corner of the toolbar. Without this facility, impossible to read the user manual of Sophie’s Nikon.

The zoom support is needed if you have a A4 document without eagle eyes. The screen resolution is very pleasant in this case. You can move in your page with the pad. But the previous/next page function (via the right/left touch) is disabled when the zoom ratio is too high and the horizontal scrollbar is available. This horitonzal scrollbar is a bit boring too when you display a new page. The horizontal position is lost … but the document margins are often the same … So you need to move right the viewer to the whole text line.

Another missing feature is you can’t select and copy/paste a text part.

Take care before opening a second PDF document. The same viewer instance will be used. So you have to go back to the first document and the viewer doesn’t restore your last position in the document.

I saw that a evince Maemo port was available. To be tested …

Good back to my book ;)

No boot, no hope

If you give a Debian user a terminal and an apt-get command .. he makes a dist-upgrade. It’s stronger than any other earth force. I’m a debian user .. and my Nokia 800 has a osso term .. and I made a dist-upgrade and reboot the device .. Bad idea, really bad idea, in fact. The loading progress bar stops at the half and the n800 restarts. No console, no way to boot safely.

3 days to crash the device. Nice score. After the WRT300N failed upgrade, the list grows quickly …

Hopefully, the Maemo wiki saves my n800 life. Flashing a nokia image is really easy. The old linux Dell laptop (that I was using for the operation) had a small USB problem. So I used the official Windows Upgrade Wizard on a newer laptop. Something like 20 minutes to download the image and upgrade the device.

Now I know why a backup/restore application is provided by default … It’s easy to crach the boot, easy to flash a fresh image .. so easy to lost all your settings and documents …

Mails and contacts on Nokia 800

Osso Mail client doesn’t support IMAP subfolders. It’s a bit surprising for the default software set of an Internet tablet. It’s a common feedback on the maemo user list. Hopefuly a recent port of Claws-mail Maemo port, despeate few GUI bugs, works fine and provides a robust tool to manage large and multiple mailboxes. The Claws offline mode synchronizes hundred of emails without problems. The first limitation is that offline operations are not persistent … restart Claws and all your moved/deleted emails are back like before the operation.

The Osso contact manager is simple but enough complete for me. It’s very integrated with other osso applications (mail, IM, …). For the moment, I didn’t manage to import vcard file produced by Evolution. I will investigate this problem because I can’t imagine to input everybody by hand :)