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M-Audio Delta 66 “REV E” in the house

We bought a M-Audio Delta 66 last year to complete our multi-track captation system. We’re working for a long time with M-Audio sound cards and especially with Delta 44 ones. So we were a bit surprised when we discovered that the M-Audio Delta 66 revision E wasn’t supported by the alsa project.

To retransmit in live the Amparanoia’s gig at Esperanzah! festival, we need a additional 4 tracks sound card. On sunday, the challenge was to configure our Delta 66.

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Live en direct à Esperanzah!, on remet ça

Le concert d’Amparanoia sera en direct dimanche soir à 22h sur les ondes de Radio Esperanzah!.

Il nous reste juste … à trouver des micros d’ambiance, à faire câbler le tout, à trouver une petite place en backstage et à remettre en place le disposition inauguré pour Radio Bemba l’année dernière.

Mêmes ingrédients : icecast, ices2, quelques M-Audio et beaucoup de Ogg :-) Au travail et à demain soir.

Ogg/vorbis streaming in 4 channels

One of the challenges for Radio Esperanzah 2007 was broadcasting in live the Monday special event with Manu Chao Radio Bemba.

On the stage, outputs were the same than for the other lives : stereo lines with the frontstage, two lines from the ambiant microphones.

No way for us to mix these 4 signals before sending them to our studio. Firstly, no space in the loaded sound setup : two huge Midas mixers are installed for the evening. Our small setup (PC tower, 1U compressor/limiter/cables) have just a place under one of mixers. Secondly, .. we don’t have the required mixer. A small Behringher UB isn’t the right device for the job.

So the main part of the problem was sending to our studio the 4 captured lines.

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